Essay about Bank Life : Week Three

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Bankers Life – Week Three
Information Systems Currently Used by the Company Bankers Life currently relies on email, online content, and phone systems as their three main information systems. Email allows the company to maintain current information on available products and updates to the products nationwide. However, it also allows satellite offices to communicate internally for ensuring timeliness for acquiring policy approvals and implementations. The use of email allows satellite offices to coordinate potential improvements within their satellite office location. The online content is the ability to provide customers with a website for further description of the products Bankers Life carries. There is the aspect of sales agents within the organization have the option of submitting an application online for facilitating a faster approval or denial process. However, having the ability to get adequate information to the underwriters for Bankers Life ensures a quicker response time in the policy approval process. It becomes crucial, at times, to relay to a client quickly whether or not the company approves their application. The phone system at Bankers Life is challenging at times. Bankers Life Kalamazoo recently implemented an update to their phone system. There is an application the sales agents can install on their personal cellular device, which link the device to the internal phoning system. An ongoing issue for the company is multiple errors between the two…

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