Bananas : The Economy 's Favorite Fruit Essay example

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Bananas: The Economy’s Favorite Fruit “Bananas are thought to have originated in the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in Southeast Asia where many varieties of wild banana still grow. They were spread across Asia by travelers and brought to Africa by Arabs where they were given their present name, derived from the Arabic for finger (Fairtrade).” Bananas were first introduced to the United States in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of America where they were sold for 10 cents each (Chiquita). Since then the banana industry has continued to prosper and is now worth around 161.5 million US Dollars at the wholesale level and, is worth about 214 million US Dollars at the retail level (Ballen). Bananas are grown in over 123 countries and are the world’s fourth largest and most important crop following, rice, wheat, and maize (Crop Trust). The banana is also a food source for all social and economic classes throughout the world (Crop Trust). Rebecca Cohen in ‘Global Issues for Breakfast: The Banana Industry and its Problems FAQ’ describes how the invention of railways opened the doors to the globalization of bananas and the emergence of the popularity of this commodity. The railway that connected Central America and the United States made it easier for bananas to be exported and remain fresh in markets (Cohen). Railways were responsible for the initial globalization and rise of the fruit as a global food source.After the Philadelphia Centennial…

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