Banana Trade And The Corruption Of The Banana Industry Essay

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Latin American countries have had a long and difficult road on the path to independence. They have fought against the influence of both Europe and the United States of America. This fight has led to many of these countries being used and exploited for their resources. The main example of this in Central America is the banana trade and the corruption of the banana industry. Men called the Banana Men exploited the many weaknesses in these countries. These men and corporations had large influences in the development and tearing apart of nationalism in Central America. Banana Men stayed in control in a variety of corrupt and deceptive ways that cause large scale unrest in Central America. Banana Men have had a large and lasting impact on Latin America and more notably Central America.
Latin America’s instability made it a prime target for filibusters and other entrepreneurs to exploit the resources that reside there. Filibusters, such as William Walker, used militaristic strength and alliances with certain sides of civil wars to gain power and influence within certain Latin American countries (Langley 6).These filibusters used their power and influence to try and control resources and policy within Latin American countries. These resources included mining iron, copper and nitrates and cacao, coffee, tin, sugar and bananas (Chasteen 184). Many of these filibusters associated with the banana trade specifically became known as the Banana Men. A few of these Banana Men were the…

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