Banana Peel Essay

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
Bananas are among the most widely consumed fruits on the planet and, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans' favorite fresh fruit. The curvy yellow fruits are high in "potassium and pectin, a form of fiber," said Laura Flores, a San Diego-based nutritionist. They can also be a good way to get magnesium and vitamins C and B6. "Bananas are high in antioxidants, which can provide protection from free radicals, which we come into contact with every day, from the sunlight to the lotion you put on your skin," Flores added.
Hawaii is the only place in the U.S. where bananas are grown commercially, although at one time they were also grown in southern California and Florida.
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They’re also a natural antacid and can provide relief from acid re-flux, heart burn, and can restore electrolytes lost after dehydration from diarrhea, according to Food Matters.
To this day, we eat 3.2 billion pounds of bananas each year, which is about 304 bananas every second of the day. Instead of throwing the 780 million pounds of peels into the landfills and wasting their potential benefits, try out some of these uses for your lifestyle.
Many species of primate consume the entire banana, peel and all, which may have led indigenous peoples to follow suit. Although not common practice in the West, peoples of Asian countries eat banana peels, but they are usually cooked in some capacity. They are not nearly as sweet as the flesh, but they are rich in some nutrients, especially potassium, and can be used for a variety of other health benefits.
In other country they have 10 useful ways to protect banana peel from waste but were going to get five of it. First is they use banana peel to fertilize tomato plants. Second, they used it as compost and relieve itches and rashes. Fourth, they make banana vinegar using banana peel. Fifth, using banana peel, the ripe one, they used t to tenderize meat. Banana peel, known as a banana skin in British English, is the outer covering of the banana fruit. Banana peels are used as feedstock as they have some nutritional value. Banana peels are widely

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