Ban Tobacco Advertisements By The Government Of India Essay

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According to “Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India” (

/free%20resources/casestudies/ban-tobacco-ads11.htm) India in Feb 2001, following suite after

France, Finland and Norway, threatened to ban the advertising of cigarettes and the sponsoring of

sports and cultural events. The Supreme Court of Appeal in Belgium in 1981 and the French

Constitutional Council in 1991 supported banning advertising of tobacco products. The World Health

Organization projected 10 million deaths from tobacco smoking by 2030. Tobacco companies fully

intended targeting teens and young people to replenish the older people dying of smoking-related

illnesses. They did this by making smoking look fun, having cartoon characters in their advertising

and creating sexually suggestive benefits of smoking. Concerns that reducing or eliminating smoking

would seriously injure the economy were found not to be true. The health costs were .21% of the

GDP, as opposed to the .14% that the GDP gained from smoking related sales. There was also

concern that the employment attributed to smoking would be lost, however, since the money would

still be spent, just on different things, it was determined that likely, the smoking advertising ban would

actually increase employment, as other products could be more labor intensive than the making of

cigarettes. In an analysis of 102 countries, it was found that countries with bans on advertising

enjoyed a higher decrease…

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