Ban the Box Argumentative Essay

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With America being the land of opportunity, the U.S has presented quite a few disadvantaged Americans’ with not so many opportunities. Especially those people of who have been arrested for a criminal crime. This also includes freshly released from prison, probation and/or parole. A study in 2012 shows with one in four Americans in the United States today, have been arrested. (Solomon). That same study shows most Americans being arrested at the age of twenty three.
This poses dilemmas as for employment breaks. Another disadvantage that comes to play is the initiative filling out the form of employment (The application). On that application for employment; reads a box that states criminal history, arrests previous to applying, also asks
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Delaware for example is trying to allow a grace period of time hired, and if performance is not acceptable then they may use the criminal history as a termination of employment. Although recently denied by congress in July 2012(BJS.Gov), it should be a federal law nationwide. With prison and or jails being the most highly funded besides Medicare in the country (Katel), it’d definitely lead to less recidivism to institutions which would put the funds to more imperative things; such as children’s education amongst many more federally applicable prospects. With incarceration rates in the United States higher than any other country in the world, and it’s one of those most funded as well (Katel). Besides Medicare the prison system alone in 2008 showed that it sucks up the most state funded money. An astonishing state coverage of $22,000 yearly (Katel). With the United States almost exceeding count of 22 million of Americans’ institutionalized in some kind of jail and/or prison system. As of 2011, (Solomon) each year over 12 million people are admitted to local jails, and more than 700,000 are admitted to state and federal facilities. The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population but almost a quarter of its population is prisoners! (Solomon) About three fourths of a million of those prisoners or inmates will be released from the institution that they are in. Within a three year period, almost more than half of them will return

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