Ban On Tobacco Advertisements By The Government Of India Essay

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Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India

Cigarette smoking kills dozens of people every year across the world, not only in India. Protecting the lives of people is one of the key responsibilities of any government, and I believe that the Indian government was left with no choice but to try to implement a bill that could control the operations of the cigarette producing firms including prohibiting them from advertising and sponsoring any events (IBS Center for Management Research, 2010). As expected, this move had many supporters and opposers in equal measure. Striking the balance between the ethical and economic implication of this move is a complex affair because many factors play role. This papers discusses the arguments for and against the tobacco bill in India and the conflict of interest surrounding this whole issue. The paper will further outlines my personal opinion concerning this debate.
The Arguments In Favor of the Ban on Tobacco Advertising in India
• The move for the ban was not unique because other countries like Norway, Finland, and France had effected it.
• The government has all the rights to protect its citizens against harmful products. As a result, the move was necessary because cigarette smoking was killing many Indians.
• They expressed fears that tobacco firms were encouraging young people and adults to start experimenting with cigarettes. As a result, this young generation could pick up smoking and keep the…

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