Ban On Gun Control Laws Essay

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Ban on gun control
Some people are for new gun control laws, but I believe they shouldn’t let this happen. As of today you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a mass shooting, or a child playing with a gun. Most people these days say that all guns are bad but guns aren’t the cause of the violence. Blame the person operating the gun not the gun itself. Don’t turn to gun control it won’t keep the killing away forever. With this paper ill prove that guns aren’t as bad as they are said to be. Guns don’t kill people the people kill each other.
First of all, there are numerous amounts of studies that state how guns are used for protection, but most of these articles and studies are masked by shootings. The people get on the internet and watch TV and automatically think guns are bad. Guns are not the worst thing going on in the world. What is worse a mass shooting or all the drugs that are being smuggled into the U.S.? There are children going out and buying and selling drugs or even worse they are getting killed over drugs or on drugs. What should the government do about that? I don’t believe a couple of shootings are near as bad as all the drugs being brought and sold in the U.S.

Guns can help to save life’s they aren’t as bad as they are put off to be. Many people use guns for hunting, sports events, and protection. They aren’t all used for crimes and also not every person with a gun is committing crimes. Everyone tries to say that guns are the reason crimes are being…

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