Ban Of The Ban On Tobacco Essay

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Ban on Tobacco Ads

All those in favor of the ban raise your hands. Several countries such as France, Finland, and Norway has already implemented the ban against tobacco. You would think that banning tobacco in India would not be so difficult of a challenge if there would be support from these countries. Citizens that believe in free choice held campaigns opposing these bans, their belief is that it allows the state to enter the homes of friends, families and loved one unwarranted. However, in the same manner that there are individuals opposing the ban and unwarranted intrusions to people 's private lives by the state, there were also those that believe these intrusions are warranted and it is necessary for the safety of the citizens ' '. The ban against drugs like cocaine and weed were mentioned in the debated.
Three million lives were lost in 1990 and the numbers just keep increasing to 4 million by 1998 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is said that by 2020 there will be above eight million lives lost and by 2030 ten million lives lost due to the dangerous killers effects of tobacco. An analyst was done on India 's GDP and tobacco only contributed 0.14% GDP and the health care cost far exceed that by 0.21% of the GDP. The consumption of tobacco was doing more damage to the economy and increasing healthcare costs. Studies were made to see if tobacco would have an effect on employment, according to these studies to reduce tobacco consumption…

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