Bamboo Tree Essay

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Today in writing 040 as a class we observed a bamboo plant in the front of the classroom. The bamboo plant was in a glass vase that held water to nourish the roots of the plant. I noticed that the bamboo had somewhere close to thirty roots coming from the bottom of the plant that were sitting in water. Then i noticed that the bamboo had a stalk that was as straight as an arrow along with vibrant green colors. The bamboo also had two contorted spirals about midway through the plant followed by the plant straightening back out. Finally, I noticed the bamboo had long and lanky green leaves at the top following the spirals. The plant seemed very healthy and well maintained because of its strong stalk and vibrant green colors. The plant looked …show more content…
The life of the plant solely rests on how the strong the roots are. The roots of a plant is where the plant takes in most of its nutrients. The roots on this bamboo plant had a dull rust color to them that seemed very healthy. The roots looked like small vines that you would see growing on the side of an old building. I also noticed that the roots were getting so long that they started to entangle each other. This is a good sign that the roots are being fed properly. These strong and growing roots gives the opportunity for such nourishment to occur throughout the plant. After the roots of the plant, it was then followed by a flawlessly straight stalk that stood tall about ten inches up. The stalk had two different shades of green. One shade of green was more of a bright green and the other was a darker shade of green. The brighter green was similar color to a highlighter green and the darker green was similar to a forest green. These two colors were separated as well; Each color seemed to consecutively take turns with one following the other. The stalk 's unique colors and straightness stood out to me as another great sign of a healthy

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