Bamboo People Essay

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Introduction The book Bamboo People was written by author Mitali Perkins and was published in 2010. The book focuses on two young teenage boys that are from different sides of unrest in the Burma government between tribal people in remote locations. What we will focus on will be arguing the fact that no matter what background people come from there are always ways to stop the fighting between one another and to set aside past differences and try to move forward without causing more pain to future generations. In the Bamboo People one of the boys "Chiko" is severely hurt on a landmine while out on a mission with four other Burmese soldiers, Chiko and the soldiers walk over a land mine killing them and wounding and knocking Chiko …show more content…
Even eyes. I don 't know if I could endure it, but I 'd have to, I guess" Here we see that while something has been lost, we still need to go on with our lives and do the best that we can. Conclusion As we have seen from the book Bamboo People, no matter what boundaries there are between people they can be overcome if people set aside their personal grievances of the past and focus on doing what is right. In this story we have seen Chiko,

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