Bamboo Ceiling, By Jeremy Lin And Yao Ming Essay

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Bamboo Ceiling
When we remind of Asian talented basketball players, Jeremy Lin and Yao Ming are seeming to get an idea out of our head. However, they have quite different traits. Yao Ming is a Chinese basketball player who was the tallest basketball player in the National Basketball Association. On the other hand, Jeremy Lin is an Asian Americans who has the common physique as a basketball player. Jeremy Lin grew in the American basketball system. In Jeremy Lin’s model minority problem, Maxwell Leung, the author, is talking about the racial discrimination which is derived from racial stereotype in the United States. Asian Americans usually seem “the model minority” to the others. Therefore, people tend to think Asian Americans have less or no negative discrimination rather than other minorities. However, if we look closer, we can see that Asian Americans have limitation as much as other minorities do.
Shy, docile, humble, passive, weak, non-masculine Asian Americans looked natural when they seek the careers like doctors, engineers, or accountants. In the early days of Jeremy Lin’s career, he was out of the picture because of his Asian American heritage. Basketball directors used to estimate Jeremy Lin by one of the stereotypical Asian American have, physically inferior since he was a high school student. After his huge success, he encourages Asian Americans to broaden the domain, not limited doctors, engineers, or accountants. He broke the bamboo ceiling for Asian Americans…

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