Bam 411 Human Resource Management Unit 1 Examination Essay example

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1. ________ plan training activities.
• Managers
• Training specialists
• Corporate teachers
• Job analysts 2. ________ organize the training opportunities for a company.
• EEO representatives
• Trainings specialists
• Change managers
• Communication directors 3. The ________ HR group may provide specialized support for organizational change.
• centers of expertise
• embedded
• corporate
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• offshoring
• application service providers
• data warehousing
• external work systems 9. ________ refers to the tendency of firms to extend their ownership to new markets abroad.
• Trend analysis
• Globalization
• Outsourcing
• Strategic human resources 10. Which organization provides professional certification for human resource managers?
• Association of Business Administration
• Academy of HR Partners
• Academy of Management
• Society for Human Resource Management 11. Which of the following is an example of HR management’s changing role?
• HR managers must be individually centered so as to ensure that there will be nofavoritism.
• HR managers must represent the organization even when they are off the clock.
• HR managers must measurably improve organizational performance.
• None of the above. 12. Which of the following is not a factor changing the environment of HRM?
• economic trends
• demographic trends
• “generation Y”
• None of the above. 13. All of the following are new HRM skills except:
• improving internal consulting skills.
• improving off shoring skills.
• supplying transactional services while serving more strategic, internal consulting activities.
• All of the above. 14. A ________ is a system that enables employees to manage their own benefits and update their personal information.
• software based system
• company portal
• cybernetic portal
• formulation system

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