Balls Essay

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Circle one: Boy
Activity Record: I’m enrolled in high school; the classes I’m currently taking are human body systems, addition choir, advisory, English 11, Spanish for Spanish speakers, and Trigonometry. My classes for last semester were human body systems, addition choir, advisory, English 11, which are my all school year classes; I also took history, and chemistry. Outside of school I’m in a program that only a select few were selected for who applied, with the farmworkers clinic; I’m currently contracted to work at Safehaven; (a facility where students from kindergarten through to the end twelfth grade can be in a safe, productive, positive environment, which offers them participation in sports, academics, and activities).
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Grade point average: Approximately 2.5

Write a brief statement giving your views of citizenship and service: My views on being a citizen, I believe the primary trait every citizen should have is having respect for everyone and their belongings. Analyze people by their character not their appearance. I also believe if you’re here there is necessity to make a positive difference, our founding fathers didn’t come here to do what every other country was doing, they came here to plant the seed of change, our troops from the civil war to every world war and our present Iraq war weren’t fighting to not impact this world in a positive way, they all had and have the greatest service they, were and still are fighting for the future the children, and our dreams, and if a someone can’t even make a small positive difference here, you shouldn’t be given the privilege of being a citizen of America. As a citizen I feel like everyone should make every group they come in contact with better. I also believe every citizen should be able to say I want to do well; I want the world to be better because I was here.
Write a brief statement concerning your achievements and future goals in the field of education: My achievements have showed me the value of education, if it wasn’t for education I wouldn’t be typing this paper, and possibly never be able to impact the world in the way I want to. One of my goals is to achieve the

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