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New Hampshire Primary

After observing Donald Trump’s speech at the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday, February 9th, I feel like I gained some interesting insight into his actual character from his physical movements as well as his word choice. Aside from differing political ideologies, it is easy to see how someone may interpret his actions in a negative way. Initially, Trump thanks his friends and family for their support. I noticed that he holds his mouth in a way such that he appears to be smirking. This could also just be from being happy and excited. He shakes hands and garners mixed responses from the audience; half boos and half chants of “USA.” Either way, his mannerisms result in an immediate and spirited response from the
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Trump has been successfully operating a scaled down version of this machine, and he uses his unique form of rhetoric to let us know. His assets have assets and conceptually, he has been able to identify a problem/opportunity and either fix/capitalize on it, or hire someone that will. After giving a thumbs up to the people of New Hampshire, he warns that politicians often make decisions primarily for either their own or their parties gain. Both “sides” are inherently guilty of this, but Trump’s wealth factor changes the game. He could care less about money and the opinion his backing affiliates have of him because he has nothing else to win. This would allow him to focus in on issues that directly affect the economy and wellbeing of our people. His experience and wealth have more than likely introduced him to a myriad of ridiculously smart professionals with whom he could consult. These are the actual players in our society, not the career politician. These brilliant businesspeople are so disinterested in politics (as long as they don’t affect their businesses) because of today’s political model that they would rather sit in their mansions stacking cash than use their skills to benefit society as a whole. Trump is making a solid attempt at breaking this mold. Hopefully this will help to

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