Essay on Ballet or Football

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Ashley Barnes
Allie D. Rogers
Engl 1010- 431
October 1, 2012
Ballet or Football?
Ballet and football are both difficult sports to master; however, someone once said, “If ballet were any easier, they’d call it football.” What makes for a good sport? Every sport has rules and regulations that one must follow in order to play. The sport requires specific skills such as strength, coordination, and speed. A good sport has a certain level of safety to keep the participants safe and requires a lot of teamwork so that every is playing together. I personally think ballet is the more technical of the two. Ballet is much more complex than football.
Every sport requires you to follow certain guidelines. In football, the player can’t grab the
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They use their lower body strength to push out of a plié to a pique turn and have to maintain the core strength, so they do not wobble too much.
Football does not require much coordination. It wasn’t a sport that was meant to be pretty. It was meant to be rough and rugged for the manliest of men. While watching the game, half of the time you don’t even know if they meant to fall down or if they just happen to be clumsy enough to fall over their own two feet. It tends to be one big dog pile play after play.
In ballet, coordination is everything. Dancers must make sure they are in the exact spot that they are supposed to be at and be in sync with every other dancer on the stage. Pierce Brosnan said, "Love is a lot like dancing; you just surrender to the music" (Willcutt). Every beat must be a white flag waving and show complete dedication to the music. Dancers have to be coordinated enough to do long elaborate pieces of choreography while still maintaining a smile on their faces. Ballerinas must make every single movement appear effortless.
In football, speed is very important when a wide receiver is trying to run the ball down the field. It is his speed that helps him to pass by the other players in lightning speed so fast that they do not even know what hit them.
I know what you’re thinking….why would you need speed in ballet? However, not one ballerina would ever dream of doing a slow fouette, a move in which you

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