Ballet Boys Reflection

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variety of thoughts that are intertwined, causing conflict and longing for peace within.

Ballet Boys is an English company consisting of only men. Going into the show I expected to see a performance that was more dominant than a classical ballet performance because there were no women dancers. I was wrong to make such an assumption. The male dancers were just as elegant as any female dancer. The performance was memorable because the male dancers added a new twist to ballet that I had never seen before. They were explosive, strong but also elegant and soft at times. The dance consisted of two dances one that was said to have a theme and the other that the choreographer proposed was themeless. I interpreted the first dance as a fight against
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The choreographer admitted that, “we pretty much choreographed the dance in a hallway.” After hearing this and visually seeing the dance I was able to make a strong connection between the dance and a small area like a hallway. At the beginning of the second dance, there were three sets of two dancers who moved around each other, but did not gain any area throughout the rest of the stage. Each dancer 's movement was “dodged” by the other and followed by a movement of his own. I believe they didn’t gain much area because the dance was meant to be like they were in a hallway. Each set of dancers was following the same rhythm so it seemed as if they were one person instead of two. After I continued to watch and evaluate the dancers I came to the realization that there was a dominant dancer. The reason I believed one was dominant is because he was the dancer who was picking up the other, pushing him down and pulling him back up. The difference between one dancer holding another above his head and three dancers holding a dancer above their head was how natural it looked. When one dancer held another it seemed very natural and normal. When three held one over their heads its almost seamed if someone was being carried to their grave. Even though one dancer was more dominant than the other they still held a trustworthy relationship throughout the dance; almost as if their relationship was …show more content…
They both continued the original dance of “standing still tag”. This same dance changed the way I felt due to the lighting. I find it interesting that lighting can play such an important role in a dance. Many times I felt as if the dancers were reaching towards the light or towards heaven. Adding a spotlight into a dark area seems like a moron, but shines more like a sun. Maybe this addition of light is meant to be a sign of hope for the dancers, something they might possibly strive to achieve. An interesting part of the dance that I would like to gain a better understanding of is the reason for background dancers. Many times there would be two main dancers under the spotlight, but behind them, in dim light, were other dancers imitating the dance perfectly.

Conclusion: The smoke and the darkness make me picture depression, stress or anxiety because they are dark and unclear things that are different for each person but unclear for everyone. The mixed idea of either being interconnected as one or separated as many continued to cross my mind. I believe they are one because they follow each other and are knocked down at the same times. The everyday movement like falling, running and catching another is constant in the dance and imply that the theme of the dance may actually be a humans daily dilemmas expressed through rapid quick movements with, on and

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