Essay on Bali : Tourism Area Of Indonesia

1865 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 8 Pages
Bali is an island that located in the middle part of Indonesia, with its famous and popular tourism area. What makes Bali became so famous besides its tourism area were also supported by Bali’s magical and spiritual traditions and cultures, which always became the philosophy of life for Balinese people. In addition, Bali recently just got an award to be the best island in Asia and the second best island in the world from Travel and Leisure version in 2015 (Kompas, 2016). It is a good thing for Bali because its economy, as a part of Indonesia, can incredibly increase and develop. Bali’s influence for Indonesia is also even higher than the other island in Indonesia, as Bali contribute 45% of Indonesia’s income that only come from tourism sector (Kompas, 2010). As a result, it makes a lot of investor come to Indonesia and make a business there. Yet, there is a big issue that happened since 2013 until now and that caused by an investor who wants to open its business in Bali by planning to have a reclamation area. Besides reclamation simply will destroy the environment, it also will make the Balinese people will suffer a lot of problems that possibly happen such as losing job or lack of natural resources. In addition, there is no discussion as well from the government to public about it that made the local people fooled. There are a lot of demonstrations in Bali and Jakarta, where the government central office located, that has been happened since 2013. The…

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