Balance of Power as a Concept Essay

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Balance of Power as a concept
The concept of balance of power is considered as one of the oldest and fundamental concept in the field of international relations (Paul T.V 2004). International relations theorists had been defining balance of power differently to highlight its significance and relevance in international politics, as David Hume declared balance of power as scientific law due to its significance in international politics.
Glenn Snyder highlighted balance of power as a core theoretical concept in international relations. Hans Morgenthau called balance of power as “iron law of politics” and Henry
Kissinger, regarded balance of power as more an art than a science (Paul T.V 2004). Significance and relevance of balance of
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As there is no permanent friend in international politics, therefore states prefer to adopt a policy of internal balancing to consolidate their defense, which sounds more reliable for a state than any other ally.

Internal Balancing
States carve out various strategies to keep a check on external threats. Threatened states could also adopt the internal balancing strategy of building up weapons, that is, to obtain countervailing capabilities and thereby attempt to balance the rising power’s military strength which can pose serious threats to its security in future. The key means of internal balancing by which states balance one another are, building up arms through internal production. This trend was more in fashion during 18th century. States had been quite busy in making stronger armies, well equipped with latest weapons to cope with enemies in the battlefield. But this trend of balancing was not efficacious in enhancing security of the state. Whatever the quality of weapons one could produce and strengthen its military power but when enemy was in a position to attack from various sides with the help of their allied states then it was hard to defend against two or more states. However states realized that internal balancing is

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