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Homework #2 – Excel Charts and Pivot Tables
Overview and Learning Objectives
This homework assignment asks you to use Microsoft Excel to use the VLookup function in a report, and also to generate charts and pivot tables. These are all useful skills. VLookup simplifies spreadsheet logic in many situations, and charts offer a visual perspective that can help people to see trends and data relationships. And once you get the idea of pivot tables, they are extremely useful in summarizing data “on the fly” in a variety of formats. This assignment is related to course objective #4 (“Design and implement Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases to support business decision making”).

Quality Furniture Enterprises, Continued
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For example, the sales manager wants one that just shows each sales rep’s total forecasts per month. We want so rev. 2014-06-10

see if any of the reps need help finding more potential business. And the product line managers want to see the forecasts by product line, so they know how much potential business they have.” He handed her three sheets of paper. “Here are the reports we need.” Caitlin glanced through the reports. They had similarities, but no two were the same. She thought she knew a way to create them quickly. “And finally …” He paused and sighed. “The Big Bosses went to a furniture industry conference and trade show last week. I hate it when this happens, because they always come back with big ideas that we can’t afford. This time, it’s dashboards and data visualization. They want executive-level displays that they can just glance at to get an idea of what’s going on, but they don’t want to spend any money. Excel can create charts and graphs, right? Just give them a few of those. Maybe a pie chart showing forecasts by product line. And what about a column chart showing forecasts by month and product line? That should be enough for now.” Caitlin knew what her uncle meant.

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