Bademia Essay: A Scandal In Boohemia

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A Scandal in Bohemia

We have been telling stories ever since the first cave paintings. Stories are important to any society. When you’re young your parents/grandparents would tell you stories about some amazing people and not so amazing people. My grandma would tell me stories about anything you could think of, ‘’One day John and Steve went to go get water for their family and a big brown bear came out of the woods running at Steve and without hesitation John picked up the biggest stick he could find and started charging at the bear and with one swift blow to the head the bear was dead.” Whether or not this is true I will never know all I know is this story. Not every story is true sometimes we add a few things to spice up the story, or maybe
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We also tell stories to teach our children how to hunt, or grow food, or make clothing. In the Lakota Tribe young girls are told a story about a White Buffalo Calf Woman. Two boys go out to hunt for food and they see a woman in the distance. The first boy starts to have sexual desires and wants to go up to the woman and talk to her and maybe make her his wife, but the second boy says she looks to be a sacred woman and that you should not go up to her and do anything disrespectful, but the first boy ignored him and went up to her and this white cloud appeared out of know where. When the cloud disappeared only the woman and a pile of bones were left. This story is told to the young girls to make them weary of young boys that want to do the wrong thing. We will never stop telling stories especially to our kids, whether it be a fairytale to help them fall asleep or the story about the White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach young girls to be couscous about the sexual intentions of a …show more content…
It’s also a way to find common ground and to share experiences, when telling a story it makes your message unique, also telling stories builds a connection to your audience. We have been telling stories since prehistory some of the first stories told were drawn on cave walls. When we tell someone a store they tend to take on their own interpretation on it. We sometimes forget the way our parents/grandparents told us a story but it’s the event that we remember not the story. But don’t always think that every detail in a story is true. Us as humans we forget things maybe because it was a story told a long time ago and some details were forgotten or changes since we like to add more exciting details to make our story sound better than it actually

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