Bad Sharing On Social Media Essay

1401 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
The young girl closes her eyes shut tight. It’s her fifteenth birthday and she is in the processes of making her birthday wish and blowing out the candles. Instead of wishing for a new iPod or hair-do, she asks for the photos of her on Facebook to just disappear. Little did her mother know, those five hundred pictures, of the birthday girl, progressively posted until this moment will always and forever be on social media for every person to see. Internet users are not aware of the harms of sharing on social media, not only to themselves but others as well. I don’t expect the social media addicts to delete their favorite “vent” site, but rather realize the situation and learn to cope with the problem. Excessively sharing on social media creates a detriment to society. When defining “excessively sharing on social media,” most would agree that it would define as over sharing personal information. Unfortunately, society has made sharing on social media a routine act of daily lives. Not only are Internet users sharing very intimate information but also boasting and bragging about the subject. Recently, “blindly sharing” has become a popular trend: When one posts without thinking…Very comparable to impulse buying, buying an object out of the blue, without putting any thought into the purchase. According to Alina Tugend, author of “Etiquette Lessons for the Braggart: Step 1, Don’t Pretend to Be Humble,” Internet users typically post and share on social media because…

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