Essay on Bad Grades Equals No Driver’s License

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Bad Grades Equals No Driver’s License: Bad Policy Imagine if you were in high school and you weren't the brightest student, which resulted in bad grades, and then there was a policy made where you couldn't even get your driver’s license until your grades got up and stayed up. This is a policy that is being debated on by some legislators who think it’s a good policy and some who don’t think it’s such a good policy. I would be siding with the legislators who don’t think it’s a good policy. It’s not a good policy because I feel like it’s not really the legislators place. Also, students would be getting good grades for the wrong reasons. Lastly, someone’s academic in school doesn’t have anything to do with the ability to drive. Legislators …show more content…
Parents should have a right to make the decision not the legislators. If this policy were to be passed students would be getting good grades for the wrong reasons. Teens wouldn’t be trying to get good grades for their future; they’ll be doing it because they want to be able to receive the driver’s license. They’d forget all about what good grades does for them in their career life, because they’d be so focused on maintaining their grades for the driving privileges. Also, it’s almost similar to bribing teens into getting good grades, instead of encouraging them to so they’ll have a brighter future. Once they get out of high school they’ll have the instinct to only get things done if they get something in return. That isn’t the best instinct to live by because it’ll cause them to not do certain not-so-pleasant things when they get to college or the real world like go grocery shopping, paying their student loans, or even doing their work in college because they’ll be expecting something material in return, all because they grew accustomed to only doing the things you need to when you’re getting something in return. Someone that is for this policy would most likely argue that a student with good grades would lead to better drivers on the road. If the student is truly trying to get good grades then they are getting smarter and when they’re ready to drive they’ll make smarter decisions on the road. Statistics show that, ”In

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