Bad Effects Of North Korea

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On August 8, 1945, the world would hear major event about a country. On that day, it was not good for the country of Korea. Many people ask why this is a bad event in Korea. On that day, the unthinkable happened; Korea split. The country would soon be called North and South Korea. The wall built, the demilitarized zone or the DMZ, would not cause war yet. Since Korea forged the DMZ to separate the countries to prevent war, it put each country in a neutral state. The DMZ placed both countries in the possibility of having war and people are petrified by the DMZ.
Introduction to Korea
These countries lie on the Korean peninsula. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. South Korea’s capital is Seoul. “North and South Korea 's Absurdist Armagation”
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An example would be from “Pushing the Envelope in North Korea” by Jerry Guo. To rephrase Guo, problems have occurred in North Korea. Some time ago, an artillery strike occurred and injured 46 sailors (Guo 6). North Korea injured 46 innocent sailors. North Korea harmed people who are passing the country. Many people in the country were not friendly. The article “Inside North Korea” talks about how people were treated. They said, “Whenever I pass someone on the street I see closed, curious or scared faces. But I never encounter aggressive reactions. Sometimes I even get a smile.” (Inside North Korea 4). Many people in North Korea are mean and speak English. It was mostly people that were living in North Korea. Even though he did not get aggression out of them, some of the people were …show more content…
It is one hundred and fifty miles long with and has armed soldiers inside. Dodds, who was mentioned before, wrote about this. To paraphrase Dodds, the DMZ one hundred and fifty mile wall can be called a buffer zone that is on the 38th parallel. A buffer zone is a neutral area. Dodds is correct on saying that this is a buffer zone. Even though, gunfire gets exchanged once in awhile, tensions are higher. To give a comparison, The article “DMZ Korea 's Dangerous Divide” written by Tom O’neill and said, “The bright lights of Seoul, the South Korean capital... but here in the fenced-off, land-mined DMZ” (O’neill 2). This DMZ should be a place where no person should have to go to in any person 's lifetime. In the capital it is all nice and bright while the DMZ is scary. There are tall fenced walls with guards and land-mines which would be scary to be in.
In fact, nature plays an important part into the DMZ. Many people think why people should care about nature in this area? Animals play a big part in why people are living today. Hank Healy, who wrote Korean Demilitarized Zone: Peace and Nature Park. To rephrase Healy, The diverse area has 3,514 species in the DMZ. Over 67% of species are in the DMZ (Healy 61). Many species are only found here and there are over 3,500 species. You would think that these animals would pose a threat but do not. This does not make sense because of all of the animals that do not get

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