Personal Narrative-Learning To Drive

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Learning to Drive

“Stop stepping too hard on the brakes," my mother shouted. I was sick of all shouting back and forth with my mother. Her constant nagging about my bad driving was driving me insane. She is the worst driving instructor ever. How am I ever going to ever get better without constant practice?
It was like she was never a new driver and it was getting on my nerves. I put the car in drive and attempted to take control of the car. Driving was way more difficult than I thought. During drivers education the instructor always said being a good driver took time, years to be exact. Now I know what he was talking about. I thought I was good at multitasking, but I was wrong. I couldn’t drive my mom 's big SUV without leaving the lane.
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The car in the back and in the front were beeping at my careless; reckless driving. I got a few fuck you along the way too. At that point my mother finally decided to tell me, “Pull over I’m driving!”
The drive back home was quiet, too quiet. I can already hear it now when I got home my mother was going to whine about my bad driving. As I thought not even getting out of the car my siblings start saying," you suck as a driver Marlen." I was never going to get my license I thought and felt like I was never going to get better. From the looks of it too no one wanted to teach me how to drive after that. I needed lots of practice and my driving test was only a few months away.
The next day was a fresh day and a new start. While I was busy my mom gave my uncle a call and asked him if he can teach me how to drive because she had absolutely no patience for me. He showed up in his tan Nissan Corolla and took the time to show me how all the things in the car worked. To be honest I imagined that my sixty year old uncle will not be able to teach
Me well. But he did while I was attempting to drive he would tell me if I was too close to a certain lane or getting to close to the
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I didn 't feel the tense or get the I’m going to die if I get into the car with you look when I drove with him. It made me feel as I could actually get better. We started practice parrellel parking. Showed me the correct distance between cars so that I have enough reaction time. With his wisdom on driving and practicing constantly I improved day by day.
We kept the constant practice for about three months and when I went for my actual driver test passed. I was able to get my license and my parents gave me a car. This was a new life lesson for me to not give up and that in order to get better it requires constant

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