Bad Alcohol Behavior Consumption Of Adolescents Essay

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Bad alcohol behavior consumption of adolescents has been imitated by teens since decades ago. On top of that, the alcohol consumption lawsuit about underage drinking was inefficiency. Consequently, the citizen wasn’t considered to follow it. As reported by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the most group of age that consumes alcohol is shockingly showed that is teenagers. As we continue remain obligation for teen to learn from the inappropriate character from adolescents, now the problem become severe and it can no longer neglect it. It times to take an action. To delay and reduce the percentage of teen from over-consuming alcohol, the government needs stricter laws for underage drinkers in an effectively way. Also, the government should also strengthen and enforce laws to prevent the increasing of alcohol-addicted teens.

Some people have bizarre beliefs that underage drinking is harmless.
They believe that drinking under the roof with the parents’ is fine. They would be ok under parents’ supervision. Teen won’t do anything regretful in front of the parents. Furthermore, teen would be exposed to alcohol consumption anyway. So that, teach them to consume the alcohol, as early age would give them some advanced experiences. For example, let teen expose to the alcohol as early could decrease their anxiety and mystery to know what alcohol is. After they experienced it. Another reason why some people believed that let teen drink at their own roofs would be…

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