Adrian Peterson Child Abuse

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Jordan Belote

There are many horrible actions that people can do to hinder other people’s lives. Adrian Peterson, an NFL player, was accused for physically abusing his son because he left marks on his legs from whipping him. His son had done wrong and Adrian was trying to give a lesson to not do what he had done again. Even though he wasn’t trying to actually abuse the child he got arrested for it. Child abuse happens all around the world and it affects many children’s lives. Sometimes the parent or guardian won’t be trying to abuse the child when physically beating them but they actually are. It usually depends on the circumstances of what is happening. Child abuse mostly happens when a parent or guardian is under extreme stress and doesn’t
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If an adult whips their child because of the child’s misbehavior then it wouldn’t be considered child abuse. That is disciplining the child. Physical abuse is when a child is hit, kicked or choked to the point where it leaves wounds. Some people that hear of parents whipping there child to the point of leaving marks don 't necessarily think it is abuse to do that. It depends on how much the child is whipped and how many marks the child has from it. This can cause a child to have several different behaviors such as being aggressive, scared of other adults or depressed to the point of causing self-harm. Also, it can cause a parent to keep a child from going to school or going to social events because of the injuries they have. The parent’s wouldn’t explain these injuries if someone did see them. The aggression that the child gets would be from the unhappiness he has from being abused. This would more than likely cause the child to bully other children because he wants them to feel unhappy as well. If a child is physically abused by an adult they may not want to be around other adults because they may think that the adult will hurt …show more content…
There are several different types of child neglect and all of them can make a child lonely or feel unloved. The neglects are physical neglect, emotional neglect, medical neglect or educational neglect. Physical neglect is when a child doesn’t get the supervision or care they need to stay healthy. Some physical neglected kid’s have dirty clothes, have not eaten or drank enough or have medical or dental problems. Emotional neglect is when a child doesn’t get any affection or attention to feel loved. If an adult keeps a child away from friends and family members who love them, or lets the child do whatever they want is unhealthy for them and can be considered emotional neglect as well. Medical neglect is when a child doesn’t get the proper medical attention when needed. Some states in the United States don’t require parents to sign up their children for certain types of medical care. If a parent doesn’t want to sign their child up for something because of their religion or if they believe that the medicine will affect the child then it would be ok not to sign them up for it. But if a parent just doesn’t sign their child up for medical care for no reason then it would be medical neglect. The final neglect is educational neglect which is when a child doesn’t get the education needed. Parents and schools share responsibility for making sure children have opportunities for academic success.

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