Essay on Bacteria 's Gene Is Only Coding

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Final Exam
Bacteria’s gene is only coding (makes a protein) meaning one gene equals one protein. Bacteria’s life history is a short lifespan, reproduces quickly in large number of individuals. Griffith finds that bacterial cells can be transformed. (Raven) There are two forms of bacteria, one that causes pneumonia and a nonvirulent that does not. The nonvirulent lacks enzymes to manufacture the coat of polysaccharide. Griffith performed a series of experiments with these types of bacteria on mice. Some mice died and some lived. In the end polysaccharide coat was necessary for virulence. If the virulent bacteria S formed in the first heat-killed then the infection doesn’t harm the experiment, because the coat itself was not sufficient that lead to the disease. Bacterial Transcription control has lac operon that is regulatory protein that also represses (stops) transcription when present on the operator. If lactose is present, then regulatory protein does not attach to the operator and transcription occurs. Bacterial transcription is also a processer which messenger RNA has transcripts of genetic material in bacteria. Bacteria is translated and produced for the production of proteins, it also occurs alongside of translation and cytoplasm. Bacteria are also an example of prokaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus of the membrane bound.
Eukaryote life history is a distinct all cycle, longer lifespan and distinct development phases. Eukaryote has genes that are…

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