Bacteri A Evolutionary Order Essay

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In this lab I examined and drew different samples of slides and then categorized these slides into a logical evolutionary order. The first sample that most likely came first in the evolutionary order is the typical bacteria, which I viewed at a 1000 magnification. These bacteria can be found in the Eubacteria domain and kingdom. The bacteria in my sample were coccus, which means that the bacterium has a round shape, and this type of bacteria is one of the simplest forms of bacteria. These cells are also prokaryotic because they do not have a nucleus and they are heterotrophic because they do not produce their own food. These bacteria are unicellular, however they work together and interact with each other is groupings. The sample that probably comes next in the progression is the blue green algae, which is also known as cyanobacteria. When examining the algae you realize that the algae, unlike the bacteria, are a unicellular organism that is organized into long chains. This shows that in the bacteria there was not much organization between the different bacteria, however, when you advance one level to the blue green algae you see that there is more organization because the cells are no longer randomly grouped but that they form long chains. The blue green algae like the bacteria are prokaryotic and belong to the Eubacteria domain and kingdom; however, unlike the bacteria the algae are autotrophic, which means they make their own food. This indicates that the blue green algae…

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