Background On The California Hospitals Case Study Study Essay

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Volunteers in Non-Profit Organization
Background on the California Hospitals Case Study According to Bai (2013) the study looks into the board sizes and their occupational back ground of their directors on board and how they influence social performance in a for-profit and non-profit hospital organization in California. The case study provides empirical evidence that quantitatively measured the social performances of the boards of for-profit and non-profit of California hospitals. The empirical evidence is proven through the Hypotheses for both for-profit and non-profit organizations and the measure of their social performance, that broken down in three hypotheses. The purpose of the study is to fill the gap in the study and bring some insight how boards size of both for-profit and non-profit and occupational background of the board of directors influence social performance (Bai, 2013).
Hypotheses with the Case Study The hypotheses is broken in three steps and two subgroups in A and B. The first hypotheses reference to board size and social performance for-profit organizations, the issues of conflict with managers and stakeholders can’t seem to be solved through contracts due to high cost making it unreasonable to write a complete contracts (Bai, 2013). This part of the corporate governance that causes these conflicts, which are part of the board of directors that authorized by the stockholders to improve the decision making with managers, that weak governance reduces…

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