Background On Ireland And The Conflict Essay

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Background on Ireland and the Conflict The history of Ireland can be traced back extensively with various groups laying claim to it. This history is very convoluted and long, yet for Ireland, a very important part of its history lies in the interactions between it and Britain. Over the centuries, there has been much repression, conflict and animosity that to this day ravages the Emerald Isle. These interactions can be looked all the way back to 1169 when the Normans, who later became modern day Brits, invaded and two years later captured the island (Cronin 2001:11). Thus begun a very turbulent history between two groups that never got along with a large part of the conflict stemming from the fact that the British were Anglicans while the Irish were Catholics. To this day there is conflict between the two groups but historically there are some dates that need specific marking. Firstly, 1555 marked the year that young Elizabeth I took power. Elizabeth I was a radical Anglican who continued and in many cases furthered the oppression of Irish Catholics on the British controlled Ireland. Animosity and angst thus built in Ireland as Catholics grew tired of the constant discrimination and oppression. The anger only grew throughout the 17th and 18th century as the British implemented a “plantation” system in which the Irish were relegated to the worst farmland to keep them at the bottom. The anger eventually boiled over in 1798 when a Protestant named Theobald Wolfe Tone rose up…

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