Background Of My Life Essay

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This is the background of my life…. For the most part
My first memory is when my dad took my sister and I to the park. I was in a stroller looking at a lake and it started to rain, that’s all that I really remember but it’s a good memory. Looking back at this it sounds kind of somber, but I don’t know I guess it’s because things were so simple and untampered when I was little. Whenever I look back it makes me happy, but unfortunately there were plenty of stuff that brought me sorrow as a kid.
I grew up in a household where there was constant yelling between my mother and father. To this day I’m not entirely sure what they were yelling about, but they always seemed to be angry at each other. I remember my siblings and I would just hiding in
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I am going to try to keep this part brief mainly because it was bad times. After elementary school I went to a shitty school, not because I was forced to or because I had bad grades but because I chose to go there. I forget the name of the school I originally signed up for, but I was told that the school would always bring us to the museum on Fridays and was immediately on board. However when I got there the schools had changed and everything was the opposite. I was surrounded by people who were nothing like me. I was going into middle school a sensitive nerdy “white boy” and everybody around me seemed older and “ghetto”. Being the odd one out I was bullied for who I was and I had to learn how to grow up quickly. Along with being bullied this was also the same time my father passed away from a heart attack. I remember that day like a bad dream. I tried to wake him and he wouldn’t. No matter how hard I yelled and shook I got no response. When I tried to contact my mom and cousin nobody would answer. I cried a lot that day, but after sometime I became numb to it. I bottled it up; showed no emotion because now I was the man of the house and I had to be strong. These years were bad because I would be bullied often and never told anyone about what happened. Although I did make some friends who had similar interests, they weren’t the best. They would also crack jokes about me which wasn’t the best, but the …show more content…
I thought of MVA as a clean slate, someplace where I wouldn’t be a complete and total outcast. I remember Summer Bridge (a summer program required by the school) I met up with one of few people I considered friends in middle school and surprisingly saw a kid from my elementary school was also attending MVA. These summer classes was where my friend from middle school (Jonathan) and my friend from elementary school (Ridvon) would try to build up the courage to go outside of our comfort zones and sit with someone new people. Of course I didn’t do that until the last week because I was scared of most social situations. I just decided to sit with Jonathan, who found a group of girls to talk to and were relatively nice. Fortunately some of these people would end up being in my class during the actual school year. However I was still pretty

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