Background Of A Literary Circle Job Essay

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Vocabulary (Vocabulary Enricher): (present if the student does not have his homework, or it is incomplete, or if there is a need to model this literary circle job. Present as much material as it is needed)
1. Show the vocabulary context sentences included in the PowerPoint Presentation on the iPad.
2. Tell students to read the sentence silently and try to determine the meaning of the highlighted word.
• Tarnation (page 52) – People that have never believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior, are in tarnation for their sins after their death.
• Cascade (page 52) – “Grandfather poured a cascade of syrup over the pancakes and licked his lips. “Okay now.” He paused to eat a dripping forkful.”
• Majestic (page 53) – These mountains are just majestic – I’ve never been to a greater and more beautiful and place than this one.
3. Ask the student to read the sentence aloud for others.
4. Ask each student for their ideas of the meaning. After they give their guesses, reveal the definition confirming, if appropriate, students’ guessing.
• Tarnation -the state of being in hell as punishment after death
• Cascade - anything that resembles a waterfall, especially in seeming to flow or fall in abundance.
• Majestic - having or showing impressive beauty or dignity.
5. Ask the students to compose the sentence using the given word while still looking at the definition.
6. Continue the same procedure with next words.

Discussion Questions (Discussion Director): (present if the student does…

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