Background Information For Your Leader Case Study

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Provide the background information for your leader.
My leader’s name is Mike Ross. Mike grew up in Hawaii and Southern California. As a young person he was self-destructive. He was a surfer and spent a lot of time on the beach. One of his jobs after High School was sailing yachts from Honolulu to Los Angeles for wealthy people. He eventually moved to Texas where he met his wife. As a result of spending time with his wife and her family he began going to church where he eventually took Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His life found new purpose. He eventually began a career in the fire service. He was a Fire Marshal in the Dallas area. He was also a policeman in the Dallas area. This background led him to become the life safety officer at a major
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He is a risk taker, but I would not describe him as a gambler. Neither of those things makes him a leader. However, the way he manages those aspects of his personality does. He has a way of pursuing his dreams and sharing his vision that is contagious. He is an ethical person whose focus on others allows him to recognize need and fill that need in a way that benefits all involved. He refuses to take advantage of customers in situations that most business men would. Instead, he chooses to take care of them and in response they sell him and his business for him. Very little of the business that is generated at our company comes as a result of straight marketing. In most cases a customer comes to us to solve a problem after we have built a relationship with …show more content…
His most recognizable weaknesses fit together as part of his personality and are driven by the same spirit that drives his strengths. The first is his need to fix things. This need hinders his ability to help others develop in their professions. He wants you to experience success, but also hates to see you suffer so he jumps right in. It has prevented me from bouncing ideas off of him or sharing struggles with him on more than one occasion. The other issue I have recognized is his tendency to have knee jerk reactions to situation. Again, this is driven by his desire to serve and fix, but it is sometimes hard to endure. Sometimes it is anger, but at other times it comes in the form of tearing established processes apart and putting them under a

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