Background Information About My Life Essay

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Background Information About
I am Gurnisha Sidhu, 20 years old, and a University student attending Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops, British Columbia (BC) in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. I am looking at majoring into Marketing and doing a minor in Human Resource Management, and then after about a couple of years of working I will apply to law school for Real Estate law. Originally I grew up in Surrey moved to Cloverdale/Langley area about five years ago. However, I moved to Kamloops, British Columbia in 2014, right after high school just to attend school and get the feels of living away from home as I want to attend law school in England.

What I expected of this class and Amy Tucker?
But what ended up happening.... The first day when I walked into the classroom I did not know anyone and really did not expect people to be as friendly as they were. First day of class, I was sitting on the left hand side near the door in the second row closer to the front of the class and met two guys, named Eric and _____; however, I did not expect them to be as friendly and as kind as they were because usually people do not talk if they do not know you. Whereas, I am the type of person who talks to everyone and likes to get comfortable with the people I am going to be surrounded by and get to know other people. However, if I do get really comfortable I tend to become a very talkative person. Secondly, I did not expect Amy to be as…

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