Bach And Gay Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born and raised in Eisenach. Bach was a german composer and he is more commonly known for technical command, artistic beauty, and intellectual depth. Later down the road Bach married a woman named Maria Barbara Bach and had four children but only one lived. Bach’s wife unfortunately died and he had moved on to a young lady named Anna Magdalena. Bach remarried and had thirteen more children, only six survived to adulthood. This was extremely common in this period. Bach died in 1750 and only made it to the age of 65 years old. Johann Sebastian Bach was a composer in the Baroque Period. Other known composers in the Baroque Period were George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, and Claudio Monteverdi. Ben Haggerty known as Macklemore is not married …show more content…
Macklemore is also very known for the song “Thrift Shop.” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song was about a family that had two gay uncles in the family and with gay rights being a huge struggle for the gay community. Gay marriage is now legal and this song came out right around when this law got passed. Johann Sebastian Bach had composed the Brandenburg Concertos. In the Baroque Period the texture normally is a balance of homophonic and polyphonic parts.The texture had polyphonic parts and it was mostly homophonic. For example, when the flute and violin play together they create polyphonic parts and when all of the instruments play together it goes back to homophonic (orchestra). The main violinist, flute, and harpsichord are soloists and they are in concertos grosso. In the song “Same Love” the texture is mostly homophonic. The tempo in the Brandenburg Concertos was quick but varied from fast to slow; today songwriters play with the tempo more often. In contrast, “Same love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were on a more serious beat and was more focused on the lyrics. With today’s music we can not really

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