Bach a Great Composer Essay

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Ross Simard

Who is the greatest composer that has ever lived? That is a question that can lead to many debates and possibly arguments. There are as many great composers, each using the styles and methods of their time, that one will have a very difficult time naming one single composer the greatest throughout the history of music. Composers have come along that mastered the style of their era, and there have been composers that have broken down the barriers of what music, in their time, was supposed to be. There are those composers that had such an impact on music that their deaths have marked the end of that era of music. To name one single composer as being the greatest, would be like determining which grain of sand on
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The leave that he had taken from St. Boniface, only a month, quickly turned to several months, and Bach was forced to find a new position elsewhere. He was offered Buxtehude’s position, but could not accept the stipulations that the position demanded, “which was to marry one of Buxtehude’s daughters” (Bach’s Life and Works.).
Since she was considerably older than him, Bach refused. Bach found his new position as the organist for the Church of St. Blaise in Muhlhausen. While at St. Blaise, and still very inspired by Buxtehude, “Bach wanted to
Present Muhlhausen with what Bach called well-ordered church music” (Bach’s Life and works).
His music that he composed there, which included a cantata, was enthusiastically welcomed by the Church’s council. It was so revered, that it was printed and recorded in city records.
Still, there were those who were not in agreement with Bach’s compositions, particularly his pastor, who pushed him to seek out a new position elsewhere. Bach, being a strong, devout Lutheran, wrote in his request for an honorable dismissal, stated his goal in life is “with all goodwill to conduct well-ordered church music to the honor of God”(Encyclopedia of World Biography). In fact, since doing this research on Bach, I have more understanding on the importance the Church and God had on
Bach. The previous quote gives clarity to the direction Bach took with

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