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Adventures in Babysitting Babysitting can be tough work especially when you are dealing with children. Children can be fun to babysit, but also very overwhelming. When your cousin asks you to look after her twins, you agree to babysit them until she returns. While babysitting the twins, things got out of hand. You saw that their birthday cake was all over the floor. You don’t know how the cake was knocked over until you asked the twins what happened. You hear two different stories from them on what happened and you don’t know who’s telling the truth or not. For this situation, you need to decide how you are going to tell your cousin what happened to the cake. Asking the twins by using selection, organization, and interpretation can help you …show more content…
“Organization helps you make sense of the information by revealing how it’s similar to and different from, other things you know about.” (Floyd, 109) When identifying the situation, four types of scheme helps classify some information which includes: physical, role, interaction, and psychological constructs. Physical construct can help you highlight appearance. Even though Max and Mia are fraternal five years old twins, they still require a good amount of adult command. Max is larger in size and looks older than Mia. He outweighs her and is about an inch taller or two. He is an extrovert and loves to talk. Mia is shy and more of an introvert. Role construct highlights social positions. You know that Max and Mia are your cousin’s children. They are your relatives as well. Interaction constructs highlight behavior. When Max and Mia were playing with you, they seemed to be getting along just fine until when you came back from the front door, they misbehaved. Max was crying and Mia was hiding behind a chair. Max tells you his story by using eye contact. But, when Mia tells her story, she avoids eye contact and looks afraid. Psychological construct highlights thoughts and feelings. Max was extremely devastated when he sees his superman toy planted in the cake with Mia’s pony. Mia was probably feeling nervous when she was hiding behind the chair because she knew she was going to be in trouble. You decide to use all of these …show more content…
“Interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to information that has been selected for attention and organized.” (Floyd, 111) Max has been a really friendly and energetic around you. He gives you a high five when you arrived at their house. His behavior is obvious, and you’ve probably categorized it a psychological construct. This construct relates to his feelings and behavior. Your experience, knowledge and understanding can affect how you understand something that you observe. You’re listening to Max’s story first while he gives you eye contact as he speaks. You know that he’s either hurt or very upset about his superman toy being planted in the cake. When Mia tells her story, you know she wasn’t giving you any eye contact the entire time. You don’t know if she’s making her story up because she looked frightened and didn’t give you any eye contact at all. So, you probably thought that Mia caused all of the trouble because of her attitude and her emotions. Therefore, your cousin would probably want every piece of information, so you gather all of the information from the twins and investigated what happened. The three stages of the perception process can help classify situations. “Perception takes practice, and our perceptions are more accurate on some occasions than others. Even though perception happens in stages, the stages don’t always take place in the same order.” (Floyd, 113) After gathering information

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