Essay On Babysitters

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With all the home projects completed upstairs, construction began on the two bedrooms in the basement that would house all five girls. Max and Hanna had to make numerous trips to the department and hardware stores to purchase home furnishings and building materials. On occasion, they took all seven children, making them wait in the car while they shopped. Other times, a sitter was hired to tend to this rambunctious bunch.
Types of babysitters evolved as they grew older. One time, the babysitter was a young man in his early twenties. Max and Hanna had gone out for the evening, leaving him in charge of all seven, ages ranging from one to ten. He was, by far, the most creative and engaging babysitter they ever had. He took Max’s best neckties, tied them tightly around each neck, and taught the children to act like circus
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I could have killed off at least one of these brats with a homemade noose. I think Time is in cahoots with the KINGDOM.
The next babysitter and least favorite was Molly, the oldest. At twelve years of age, Max and Hanna were confident she could keep an eye on the children for a short period of time. Now the siblings didn’t intentionally try to make her life miserable; it just seemed to flow out of them naturally. She’d banish them to the basement expecting them to find something to do, which they usually did.
One time Molly banished the six to the basement before Max and Hanna even got out the front door. Quite innocently, though very creative, Pete suggested they have a screaming contest. Each person would take a turn screaming as loudly as he or she could. They would vote and then have a scream-off between the two loudest screamers. With Molly upstairs, well out of voice range, or so they thought, the contest began. After just five screams, Molly yelled at them to, “Be quiet!” Knowing she was upset pumped more life into the group and before you knew it, they were all screaming at the same

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