Baby ' S Breath Is An Absorbing Supernatural Thriller Essay

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BABY’S BREATH is an absorbing, supernatural thriller that delivers a frightening and chilling tale. The script does a good job in creating a compelling mystery. The plot immediately engages and maintains one’s attention from the opening scene to the very last scene.

The main heroine is thrust into an enthralling life and death situation to bring justice to her twin sister’s killer. The goal is clear and the danger is high. The script provides an intense mystery that easily pulls in the audience. Visual storytelling is well crafted and delivers the frights (the visual of Jessica and her calling out “Maaa!) The script is worthy of consideration.

The opening and first act sets up the ordinary world of Anne-Marie. There’s a shocking inciting event with her murder. It’s the murder that propels the story forward. While the idea of young Jessica witnessing the murder creates solid tension, the execution of the murder can also be more intense for the audience. The attack is not expected and one wants to see a more harrowing life and death struggle between the killer and Anne-Marie.

The true protagonist turns out to be her twin sister. Making them twins is a good story choice, as the audience already feels they know Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn clearly drives the rest of the plot. She’s proactive in seeking justice and solving the murder of her sister. The script does a great job of offering several possible suspects, creating a nice mystery to solve.

The only concern about the…

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