Baby Killing : Women 's Rights Essay

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Intro Baby killing. Women’s rights. The progressive awful left wing nuts. The old fashion stubborn right wing bible huggers. Abortion. Killing what we all once started as, but of course a much more minute version of the person you are today. Females get abortions for various reasons. For instance, their are simple cases such as the mother “accidentally” getting pregnant but doesn’t have the financial stability to deal with a child. Or much more extreme cases such as the women becoming pregnant due to rape or at a time when the women’s life is seriously threatened because of the pregnancy. But both of these are extremely rare. With this being said, I propose we address the “typical” abortion, In this essay I will look to examine what I refer to as a typical abortion and why I believe it to be wrong in most circumstances. I look to do this by advocating my thoughts through the work of Don MArquis. Famous piosoplher on abortion is immoral.

Structure The structure of this paper will look to support and argue for the fetuses right during a typical abortion and to clearly state why I believe that it is in fact morally unacceptable . I look to do this by simply reviewing over the work of Don Marquis, then I will attempt to give my own statements and thoughts on Don Marquises views on why abortion is immoral and then we will be specifically looking at articles that are replies to Don Marquises Abortion is immoral. We will primarily use his article “why abortion is…

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