Baby Boom Movie Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… She took baby’s temperature and gave her medicine to bring down her fever. J.C. paced the hallway back and forth to comfort Elizabeth while she tried to calm and fall asleep. J.C. slept with Elizabeth and stayed near her to make her feel safe “secure base”. This serves as an internal working model, or set of expectations about the availability of attachment figures and their likelihood of providing support during times of stress (Berk, pg. 150). After these two days together, waiting the adoption day J.C. and Elizabeth developed a strong emotional tie (attachment). …show more content…
The adoptive parents did not seem right for Elizabeth, J.C. says goodbye as Elizabeth is crying and leaves. She made it maybe ten paces away from the door before she turned around and forfeited the adoption, she became to attached to Elizabeth and developed the emotional bond of needing to keep her safe and look after her herself, not some strangers! She tried to balance her work and keeping Elizabeth, but it was tough ad she was very insecure with any babysitter/nanny she left Elizabeth with. She was a nervous wreck and found it very hard to leave Elizabeth for long periods now.
She made a huge decision and left her cozy high paying job, packed up and moved to Vermont (in the country). There was no plan other than to spend time with Elizabeth and raise her in a more laidback, slow paced life style. This is were a lot of the comical parts of the movie took place, because J.C. was a city girl, and each day was a new challenge and accomplishment. J.C. started making applesauce from her harvest of apples on her land, which turned out to a booming baby food business. Now, she has an offer to be back part of the city life and make millions to sell her baby food

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