Babe Ruth. Biography Essay

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Babe Ruth “I won't be happy until we have every boy in America between the ages of six and sixteen wearing a glove and swinging a bat.” - Babe Ruth. George Herman Ruth Jr. this man was born onto this earth on February 6, 1895, and Passed away on August 16, 1948(Schumach). This man is an American icon first, and a baseball legend last. Babe single handedly changed the way of Baseball and how It was played. He rescued the game from the dark days of the dead ball era. Babe’s great deeds on the field weren’t recognized that easily. He needed the help of sportswriters and advertisers to spread his legend across America. Ruth was a hero in the eyes of the America. Ruth was the perfect reflection of the affluence and over consumption of the …show more content…
Ruth and other baseball legends made a special appearance at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 29, 1947 (Schumach). The entire day's receipts were turned over to the foundation. With this action sweeping the nation, an international youth baseball and softball league was created in 1954 to honor the player's memory. Today, the Babe Ruth League boasts more than 1 million-plus players on 56,622 teams worldwide (Varni). This story is told in the case of Johnny Sylvester. He was a little boy who’s life seemed despaired of by the doctors unless something bizarre to shock the boy from a particular malady. The boy’s idol was Babe himself and his uncle ,wrote to him asking for his aid, knew that this was going to surprise the boy.. The very next day Babe arrived in the hospital with a bat, glove, and half a dozen signed baseballs. This was on the frequent visits babe made to a hospital. The boy ,unexpected in meeting his idol face to face was hit by a wave of over excitement! This even cured him almost miraculously (Schumach). Showing again the true qualities of being an American hero. Babe did more than make an idol for himself. He was in the perfect time period. The stock market was sky-rocketing and the economy was booming. Babe, being himself, was the perfect source for entrainment. He boosted the economy by the sport that he loved. This brought him his fame so quickly. Also with the help of sportswriters and advertising company’s. It was promised with no

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