Essay on Bab The Biological Father Of Amir

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Baba does not have a strong bond with Amir because he does not feel the need to develop a connection with Amir since he is not a reflection of him. This leads Amir to pursue a series of events to win Baba’s love, whether or not his decisions might put someone’s life in danger. Even though Baba is the biological father of Amir, he does not possess some of the qualities that a real father has such as caring for the emotions of his son. Amir is interested in literature such as poetry, reading and writing. However, these are interests that Baba does not approve. Baba believes that, “real men didn’t read poetry-and God forbid they should ever write it! Real men-real boys-played soccer just [like] Baba had when he [was young]” (21). But, when Baba signs Amir up for soccer, Amir only shows how pathetic of an athlete he is which is not something that Baba expected. Baba never cared for Amir because he is not someone who he considers a “real-man.” If Amir becomes a coward, Baba believes that Amir will become “...a man who can’t stand up for anything” (24). Baba tells this to his business partner Rahim Khan in his study room while Amir is secretly listening to him speak. Upon hearing this from his own father, Amir becomes infuriated with himself which leads him to believe that he needs to redeem himself to Baba for not being a reflection of who he is and for being a coward. A few months later, winter begins in the city of Kabul. Every winter, all of the districts in Kabul have their…

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