Essay on Ba365 Intro to Operations Management

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BA365 Intro to Operations Management

Question 1

a) A hospital emergency room averages 50 patients per shift. A shift is 8 hours long, and the average patient requires 20 minutes in the exam room.

8*60/20 =24 would equal the number of patients for a 8 hour shift

Average number of patients=50

b) Discuss whether you think a 30% capacity cushion is appropriate for a hospital emergency room. What factors would consider when setting this cushion?

A 30%cushion the number of room required would equal (50(1+0.3)/24) =50*1.3/24=2.7 =>3 rooms

1 room would be required to maintain the 30% capacity cushion.

Question 2

a). Determine how many cash registers the restaurant should have
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Kroger has spent countless dollars to maintain and project themselves by building newer and more up to date stores. By placing these stores in a few populated areas they supported the local economy with jobs and more friendly environment. The new stores provide a much bigger selection of products like a full pharmacy, floral sections and deli’s. By keeping its in-house products Kroger can increase its own revenue which in turn will increase the overall value of the company. Maintaining competitive prices with the big boys this only provides a stronger market in today’s struggling economy. Overall a good quality product at a good competitive price has help Kroger to maintain a strong hold in the market today giving them the competitive edge needed to survive.

How do television stations/networks handle unexpected events or long delays in a game? What is the equivalent of inventory for if something goes wrong?
Having a small Television station here where I live I had the pleasure of knowing one of the producers .They have preplanned just for this type of a event they begin with having additional ads at low cost rates to pass along to sponsors. If the ad is needed it will be billed at a later time. They also have footage of the game to re-air like the highlight reel along with interviews. They always have reporters and camera men on standby to grab a quick interview from either the coaching staff or the fans watching. Everyone wants a chance to get

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