Essay Ba 265 Final Exam Answers

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BA 265 Final Exam Answers
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B) confiscation.
C) defalcation.
D) expropriation. 8.The United States and other members of a certain organization agree to grant normal trade relations status on each other with regard to imports and exports. This organization is
A) the International Export-Import Bank.
B) the United Nations.
C) the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
D) the World Trade Organization. 9.State and local agency actions prevail over federal agency operations.
A) True
B) False 10.Congress can create a new federal administrative agency.
A) True
B) False 11.Superior Sign Company is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA is not concerned with
A) minimum wages.
B) employees’ privacy rights.
C) child labor.
D) maximum hours. 12.An employer who hires and fires workers according to a fair seniority system may have a good defense to an employment discrimination suit.
A) True
B) False 13.Mona and Nero want to discharge their contract by executing and performing a new agreement. They can best accomplish this by
A) specific performance.
B) novation.
C) accord and satisfaction.
D) reinvention.
14.The Securities and Exchange Commission decides to create a new rule relating to the dissemination of material nonpublic information through corporate Web sites. The first step

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