Ba 200 Reflection

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BA 200 was centered on teaching students how to be successful in business. Throughout the semester I began thinking about what I would want to see in my future business career, keeping in mind my individual strengths and personality. I also read and researched current prosperous companies and their business practices as well as learned what it takes to a be an effective business leader. Throughout the many learning experiences, including workshops, guest speakers, and team research papers, I have learned that in order to succeed in business it is important to have specific goals and develop a clear and thought out plan.
The guest speakers all had different paths to success, some reaching their goals early on while others failed and continued to try again. For example, while Marcus Collins discussed how his first venture as an entrepreneur failed when his record company got demolished by the market, Marcy Fischer talked about how she went to University of Michigan for engineering, got a job at Ford and continued to move up the corporate ladder. While Marcus and Marcy had very different paths to achieve their career goals, they both ended up having a successful
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At the beginning of the course I was able to create a clear set of goals for myself that I wanted to achieve and a plan to complete them. While developing a plan is crucial, there is a lot more that goes into it than that. I have learned how important it is to remember that there is not just one path to success, and that I need to be able to adapt my plan to reach my goals. As I was faced with obstacles this semester, I changed my course of action in order to adapt to what was in front of me. Comparably to how I changed my methods in BA 200, in the future I will adapt my plan when working professionally in order to reach the goals I set out for

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