Essay on B.R Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case Study

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B.R Richardson Timber Products Corporation Case Study
Julie Woody
Organizational Development HRM 460-1

In the B.R Richardson Timber Products Corporation case study, Richard Bowman, who was in charge of industrial relations at the company, contacted Jack Lawler, an Organizational Development Practitioner, as he was looking for someone to conduct a “motivation course” for the blue-collar employees of his lamination plant. He told Mr. Lawler that the morale among the employees were extremely low due to the fact that a fatal accident had occurred several months before, and because the plant manager was extremely authoritative. After being contacted, Mr. Lawler arranged a meeting between himself, the President of the company,
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There was a definite lack of organization within the company and within the leadership and organizational structure of the company. The employees definitely lacked direction from the leadership of the company.
Due to the fact that they had ignored management trends that have emerged, the B.R. Richardson Timber Products Company now finds itself caught in a situation of unhappy workers, low morale, and high turnover. There is a lack of technology which if it existed would allow for new ideals and innovations that would improve the overall operations of the company.
Jack Lawler was initially recommended to the company by a friend of Richard Bowman’s, who was in charge of industrial relations at the company. The first thing that Lawler did was to make sure that the plant manager was supportive of a motivational course for the blue collar workers, and was told that the plant manager was never asked, but that B.R. Richardson, the president of the company had expressed his approval of the course. At the meeting between Mr. Bowman, Mr. Richardson, and Mr. Lawler, Mr. Lawler expressed that in his style of organizational development involved a diagnosis of the organization before he actually takes any action. Both Mr. Richardson, and Mr. Bowman expressed concerned to Mr. Lawler about the plant manager’s poor attitude concerning the workers, and that his attitude is

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