. B. V. North Carolina Essay

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J.D.B. V. North Carolina is a case that started by the interrogation of a then thirteen year old seventh grade student. The student was being accused of two break-ins at the time of being interviewed by the police. Before the beginning of the interviewing the thirteen year old accused was not read is Miranda Rights, told that he could call his legal guardian, or told that he could leave at any time. The reasoning for this was that he was not under arrest at the time. J.D.B. then gave statements to police incriminating himself. During the trial “J.D.B. moved to suppress those statements, arguing that he had been subjected to custodial interrogation under Miranda v. Arizona. Specifically, J.D.B. argued that a court should take account of his age when determining whether he was in custody.” (Halford & Schulman, 2016) This case started in the trial court of North Carolina as the decision to allow the statements made by J.D.B. to be used in the court. From there it went up to the appellate court of North Carolina. Where the decision of the trial court was upheld that J.D.B. was not in custody for the purposes of Miranda V. Arizona. At this point J.D.B. was then convicted and sentenced in the court to twelve months of probation, as well as ordered to pay restitution to the victims. It was then that J.D.B.’s team appealed the decisions of the lower courts to the North Carolina Supreme Court. Again, “arguing that age should be a factor in determining whether he was in custody for…

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