B & L Ian Notion Of Socio Cultural Variability Essay

946 Words Mar 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Mankind’s foremost fallacy lay in its misconception of society. Mankind consistently treats ‘society’ as an undeniable truth—a fixture of the species—and upholds status quo. However, as Berger and Luckmann would agree, society has never been anything more than a man-made invention—a valiant attempt to establish stability within a chaotic world. Despite man’s initial beneficent intentions, society as an ideal has been tremendously bastardized due to humanity’s divisive socio-cultural influences—i.e., the B&L-ian notion of socio-cultural variability. In fact, some followers of Jung contend the sociology of culture acts as any given individual’s first confrontation in the world. Additionally, such divisiveness propagates arbitrary projections resulting from the isolation of socio-cultural groups. Arguably, at least initially, man somewhat succeeded in creating stability in the face of chaos, only to continue on such a trajectory as to create a new form of chaos as a result of man’s self-interest and stupidity. As mankind sought to organize society in order to combat anarchic chaos, the decay of entropy crept in, dragging society back into the abyss. Hypothetically, society can transform and once again be made anew if the individuals within it collectively accept the chaos of reality and, in turn, actively resist any chaos created by any man or sub-group. When undergoing a successful societal transformation, current institutions must be de-reified, then re-socialization…

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